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Editorial images are available for purchase only if they have a picture number in the picture caption under the photograph published in the newspaper. Simply put the published picture number from the picture caption into the "Picture Number" box and click the "GO" button. More than one image may show up in your search, as our photographers often supply more than the one image for publication. Unpublished images are also available for purchase. Please note that if a published picture does not include a picture number in the caption then it is not for sale.

You can also search for images using the other search boxes, including the "Dates" when the picture was taken, the "Subject" or the "Photographers Name".

You can purchase images using this website or you can visit one of our branch offices and order your prints in person. Our branch offices can accept cash, cheque or credit card. Please note that our prints will be posted out to you, there is no collection facility available.

Photographs are available in the following sizes:

A56 inch x 8 inch or 15 cm x 20 cm
A48 inch x 12 inch or 20 cm x 30 cm
A312 inch x 16 inch or 30 cm x 40 cm
Please note: Your selected image(s) will be printed on your chosen paper size, as per the paper sizes indicated above. However, due to the way that some images are cropped and saved, your selected image may not fill the entire selected paper size. Sizes quoted are always approximate.

CommunityPix aims to provide you with access to as many editorial images as possible from the Community Newspaper Group of publications. These include: Mastheads